When you choose an Agent you are hiring that person and not any Real Estate Company.  The Agent does all the work, and is an Independent Contractor to the Company.  But, the Listing contract is between you and the Company.  So you pay the sales commission to the Company, who then pays the Agent.  And the Agent cannot cancel the contract unless the Company agrees.  What that means is that if the Agent terminates the relationship with the Company, the Company can assign you to any other Agent they choose. 

Can you benefit from signing with one of the major well-known Companies?  Well the Company does no real work for you…the Agent does.  The Agent might have some resources from the Company,but honestly they are all the same.  So it is the Agent that really matters.

Can big Companies get you more exposure?  Think about that from the perspective of a buyer.  How does one find a house?  Today, most start on the Internet and do community research, and then search for homes using one of many house finding sites (like ListingBook.com).  To see homes they need to contact an Agent.  The Agent uses the MLS to find and show homes you are interested in, as well as any you found on-line.  So the key sources for buyers are 1) the Internet and 2) the Agent. 

So all this means, bottom line, the Agent is the one you hire, and the most important part of the listing equation.

Written on November 7th, 2012 , Tools for Sellers

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